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ReStartSMEs – EoI

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  • Conduct an online free assessment of your maturity of technology adoption in less than 2 minutes
  • Receive an individual picture of the company’s digital level
  • Participate in workshops and events
  • Access free training on Industry 5.0 & business support
  • Be matched with European technology providers

Logging in allows you to enter our vibrant Community and access our Training Platform.

ReStart SMEs is fostering alliances between traditional and innovative business owners to exchange experiences, best practices and know-how so as to transform their business model and improve its sustainability

ReStartSME’s services for Traditional SMEs?

  • A free assessment of your digital transformation readiness
  • Free training on digitalization, Industry 5.0 and specific technologies
  • Connection to technology providers during international hackathons
  • Tailored support to develop a technology adoption roadmap
  • Matching with the right technology providers to advance in your digitalization journey
  • Strategic alliances with technology providers

ReStartSME’s offer for Service Providers?

  • Access to a wide network of potential clients in Europe
  • Showcasing your solutions during five international hackathons
  • Matching with companies with digitalization needs looking for technology providers
  • Visibility on a European level

This is how it works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Evaluate your Company’s Digital Maturity

For ReStart SMEs to help you, we would need you to take the test to assess your company’s digital level and understand better your needs in connection to the uptake of advance technologies

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Step 2

Create an Alliance with innovative and tech savvy experts

Once we have profiled you, we will put you in contact with innovative, digitally-savvy SMEs from your industry line and improve the sustainability of your business model as well as increase effectiveness of your staff.
If you are an innovative business owner that wants to help transition traditional SMEs – this is the place to be!

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Step 3

Train yourself on a permanent basis

Keep up with the latest news and events from our pool of expert partners in the industry: Linpra, EuroCad and Imec, successful practitioners and SME owners

News & Events

Who can apply?

Traditional companies

  • Manufacturing companies of machinery and equipment
  • Manufacturer in the automotive industry mechanical
  • Manufacturers of heavy machines in the Food Industry
  • Manufactures of heavy machines In the Textile Industry

Technological advance companies

  1. Advancement of production
  2. Security 
  3. Sustainability
  4. Change Management 
  5. Industry 5.0 

When the economy goes down,
we ReStart Together

ReStartSME is the initiative promoted by the European Commission to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and thus economic downturn. The project aims to build resilience of manufacturing SMEs in automotive, machinery & equipment, food and textile by analyzing their digitalization needs and offering concrete tools to adopt modern technologies such as AI, robotics, cybersecurity & IoT. 


The project goal is to become a platform for technology providers, traditional manufacturers and supportive organisations to build meaningful connections and together transition to Industry 5.0.



Call for Clusters

 About ReStartSME The ReStartSMEs project aims to support traditional manufacturing SMEs to adapt to value-chains and demand changed by the Covid-19 crisis, accompanying them in the adoption of new technologies towards the realization of Industry 5.0. The latter is a...

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