Hands-on Strategic consultant operating in the fields of Digital Transformation, Tech, SAAS and Martech for several line of customers facing and negotiating directly c-levels and managers. 

His weapon of choice is the attention to details and ability to listen to customer needs and turn them into meaningful OKRs. Leveraging his technical background he can easily translate ideas into concrete action plans or proper projects. 

Usual role is between CMO/Sales and technical departments pointing out possible upselling/cross selling strategies working as a facilitator and interface.

Plenty of experience in public speaking. His favourite topics are Innovation, Sales and Marketing, Sustainability, Project management.

Sophia Rödiger is founder and CEO of bloXmove – the decentralized platform connecting mobility and energy. She is a business psychologist, author and has been shaping innovation, digital marketing as well as business development in the mobility environment for over 8 years. She led the global Startup Hub as well as digital transformation at Mercedes-Benz Mobility. With her systemic training background and focus on “resilience, mindfulness and networked collaboration”, she advises management teams and companies on how to deal with digitalization in a sustainable way. Here she already founded her first consulting company 4 years ago – MountainMinds GmbH.

Marius Alexa is CEO of Arhipelago Inc. a media company with focus in helping entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. He founded and – a large program of business communities, conferences in Romania and trade missions abroad. He promoted active citizenship in JCI, Moldova vrea Autostradă and other NGOs. He holds a Ph.D. in business models and teaching entrepreneurship, CSR, events management and is coordinating the Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi.
Accomplished Industrial Engineer who boasts an insatiable passion for travel and a deep-seated fascination with all aspects of the shop floor, especially the intricate human dynamics that underpin these environments. With a career spanning more than a decade, Aido has skillfully navigated a myriad of roles, including those of Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Quality Project Manager, Supply Chain Engineer, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Pre-Sales Engineer, Senior Solutions Engineer, and Senior Consulting Team Lead. Aido’s expertise even extends into the challenging sphere of Industrial Software Implementation. Academically, Aido holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Industrial Management, further enriched by a specialization in Business Processes. His mission is to guide everyone on their path to professional excellence, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to aid this journey

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