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AVIA is the Automotive Cluster of the Valencian Community, the multi-sectoral reference entity that brings together a wide network of companies, suppliers of the automotive sector in the Valencian Community.
The aim of AVIA is to work for the companies’ competitiveness, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency in their processes and the sector’s value. Besides, AVIA also aims to maintain its leadership position and dialogue with the different social agents.
AVIA brings together 116 companies related to the automotive sector, of which 60% are SMEs. Companies from the metal-mechanical, plastics, engineering, services, logistics, packaging and consultancy sectors. Thanks to this multi-sectoral nature, AVIA brings together the entire value chain of the sector.
Currently, the combined turnover of the associated companies is more than 12,200 million euros, which represents 18% of the industrial turnover of the Valencia Region. The group of companies in the cluster directly employs some 24,300 people. According to the data compiled for the preparation of the AVIA Strategic Plan, this figure represents 9% of industrial employment in the Valencia Region.

Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry

Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry (EML) is Estonian biggest industrial area
umbrella, which unites 145 companies and organizations related to the machine and metal industry and different education organizations. The one of objectives of EML is supporting cooperation between the companies and R&D centres/universities/vocational schools. Our priorities are a) next generation; b) lobby work and publicity; c) business development.

ICT Cluster

ICT Cluster is a world–class cluster initiative uniting 10 Bulgarian ICT associations and clusters, including 280 SME from different segments of the ICT (microelectronics and embedded systems, telecommunications, Software, Cyber security) and 6 Bulgarian universities.
ICT Cluster’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian ICT Industry through promotion and development of world-class clusters.

Innoskart Digital Cluster

The mission of the Innoskart Digital Cluster is to accelerate the hungarian digital transformation by supporting the dialogue between technology providers and manufacturing SMEs, as well as knowledge and technology transfer.
Innoskart acts as an “interface” between different types of actors in the economic ecosystem who are equally involved in digitalisation, in order to help industrial companies to make their business/production processes, products and/or services more competitive.


Since 1994, the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC) has been representing the common interests of the association’s members and industries and has been implementing joint projects for strengthening the competitiveness of the members and the industry. MASOC brings together more than 170 leading industry companies, the related service providers, research and education institutions. The main areas of activity: Representation of member interests; Education, human resources development and youth attraction to our sector; Marketing and export promotion; Mutual cooperation and collaboration between members and with sector connected international organisations; Research and innovation project support; Information circulation; Subcontracting and parter search activities.

Packaging Cluster

Constituted by Catalan companies in 2012, today it groups more than 100 active members between companies, knowledge centers and entities representing the entire value chain of the field, which range from R&D, raw materials and intermediates; the machinery; Peripheral and line endings; Packaging manufacturers; and end users. The main objective of the Packaging Cluster is to help to improve the competitiveness of the companies that make it, in order to generate more and better business for companies and organizations in the world of packaging. This improvement comes from the promotion of networking, knowledge and business, which are worked by six strategic axes which have an annual plan of activities to reinforce and consolidate their respective actions. Notably, the Packaging Cluster has the support of all the administrations, working closely with them to impact heavily on the overall economy. In that sense, there are three key certifications for the world of clusters. The entity is integrated into the Program Catalonia Clústers ACCIÓ, is a cluster registered as Innovative Business Association (AEI) by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and received the European qualification gold cluster management by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECIS).

Consulting Cluster Veritas is a private organisation, established in 2013 on a market-based concept, which specialise in the field of business consultancy. It covers profiled companies in different sectors, aiming to develop the market niche and create opportunities for strengthening the consulting business sector in Bulgaria, as well as make international connections for its members. Targets on the mutual exchange of materials, knowledge, use of cluster information and technology resources. Cluster members have a sustainable relationship based on cooperation, collaboration and interdependence in the market economy.

Consulting Cluster Veritas is proud member of: TCI Network (since 2015), European Cluster Alliance (since 2020)

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