Supportive Partners

The DIHNET project is a pan EU network of networks that ensure collaboration and quality among hubs, competence centres, and regional and national programmes and infrastructures.


Rocket Cluster
Rocket Cluster gathers different engineering companies to empower knowledge and capacity for Baltic countries.


Instanbul Chamber of Industry
Instanbul Chamber of Industry is the largest industrial chamber of Turkey with its number of members exceeding 20 thousands in 2020 and the strongest representative of the Turkish industry.

Website. Istanbul Chamber Industry

Lithuanian plastic cluster is a reliable network of the plastics industry enterprises in Lithuania: developers and producers of high added value, innovative and competitive technological products. The joint activities in the cluster help companies to increase their sales and export, contribute to the development of expertise and competence, open up more possibilities of cooperation and networking etc.


BACC is a business driven organisation, a reliable and recognized union, which involves companies working in automative, agriculture and construction machinery industry.


Association Smart Transylvania
Association Smart Transylvania is representing some of the most active business ecosystems in Cluj region (Romania): AgroTransilvania Cluster, Transilvania IT Cluster, Transylvanian Furniture Custer, Creative Industries Cluster, Transylvania Energy Cluster and Romanian New Material Cluster.

Website. Association Smart Transylvania

Clúster Digital de Catalunya
Clúster Digital de Catalunya is legally recognized as an Innovative Companies Association (AEI), supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the Catalan Government, consisting of more than 60 members with diverse profiles (large companies, SMEs, universities, research centres and laboratories as well as public institutions) located in the Catalonia and Barcelona region

Website. Clúster Digital de Catalunya

I4MST4TS aims at facilitating tech-transfer deals between users Manufacturing SMEs and I4MS suppliers (IAs, DIHs) of advanced manufacturing technologies across Europe


SICOS BW has been founded to support especially SMEs in their uptake of high performance computing and Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence

Website: sicos

Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry
Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry is non-profit organization with members as machine building and metal companies and different education organizations.

Website. Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry

Infobalt is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Association, which aims to create the best conditions for the development and export of the ICT market

Website. Infobalt

National Network of Clusters
National Network of Clusters in the Agri-Food Sector in Romania supports the development of the agri-food sector at local and regional level, collaborates with other organizations, cross-sector clusters in the country and abroad, local public authorities, regional, national and institutions, developes of national and international economic relations and the national market
Transylvanian Furniture Cluster
Transylvanian Furniture Cluster contribute to positioning the industry as world range leader for integrated solutions in furniture domain, with high specialization, design and quality. Developing competitive products for both domestic and foreign markets, designed to successfully satisfy customer requirements is our mission.


AFIL is the Lombardy technological cluster on Advanced Manufacturing aims at promoting and facilitating R&I as regards to best practices and enabling technologies for the manufacturing sector in order to support and further strengthen the Lombard production system’s leadership and competitiveness.

Website. Afil

The FIWARE Foundation is a legal independent body providing shared resources to help achieving the FIWARE mission that is to develop an open sustainable ecosystem around the FIWARE open source platform, created to drive the definition and integration of public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that ease the creation of Smart Applications in multiple sectors


Electric Vehicle Industrial Cluster
Electric Vehicle Industrial Cluster brings together its members for industrial, technological and business development, strategic developments, legislative changes, higher and vocational education and training, standardization connection with central and local authorities, and others.

Website: EVIC/

MASOC brings together around 160 leading engineering and metal processing companies, as well as companies of related industries. The Association’s mission is to represent the members’ interests and to conduct joint activities and projects that contribute to the development of members’ competitiveness and the development of the sector.

Website: MASOC

LITEKs is vision is by working together in R&D activities develop world-class laser and engineering technologies. The goal of LITEK is to create a dynamic work center, which increases the laser and associated engineering technologies sector’s international competitiveness, knowledge and material wealth of LITEK members.


AgroTransilvania Cluster, based in N-V Of Romania, is a cluster with mode that 80+ members in the field of agri-food (including input suppliers, farmer associations, processors, 3 universities, 5 research institutes, 1 commercial bank, 2 consulting companies, 2 local/regional authorities, distributors, catalyzing institutions).


The NOATEX metacluster mission is to increase the competitiveness of the Romanian textile industry by increasing the degree of research, development and innovation introduced in the activity of the Romanian producers.
Regione Piemonte
The Department for regional competitiveness of Regione Piemonte is in charge of regional policies for economic development and innovation, with a strong focus on SMEs and their needs.

Website: Regione Piemonte

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