What are the Hack4reSTART?

The Hack4reSTART are an innovative event format thought to bring together traditional European manufacturing SMEs with technology providers that can offer them the right solutions for their digital transformation needs and for transitioning to Industry 5.0.

Why is worth to participate?

By participating in the Hack4reSTART representative of European manufacturing SMEs can get a glimpse of different technologies spanning from AI, Robotics, Digital Twins and Big Data that can be implemented on the shopfloor to increase productivity, reduce costs, develop new digital business models and facilitate the green transition. 

At the same time, tech-savvy SMEs offering technological solutions for manufacturing can access a wide audience of SMEs representatives potentially interested in their solutions.


The main focus of the hack4reSTART is the stimulation of innovation and collaborations among  traditional and tech-savvy SMEs. In the program you can expect:

  • inspirational technology talks with concrete use cases from industry, in the form of testimonials or case studies, clearly indicating the benefits but also the challenges to applying technology on the factory floor.
  • hands-on tutorials, training and workshops to go deeper into the applicability of a technology for a certain domain.
  • break-out sessions to stimulate co-creation of project ideas, with the opportunity to jointly implement a first rudimentary PoC (or even mockups) with the help of the technology experts. 
  • Technology mentoring to develop a technology adoption roadmap for your company 
  • 1 on 1 matching with technology providers and tech-savvy SMEs

Who can participate and how?

Are you a representative of a European traditional manufacturing SMEs? 

If alone or with your team, you are welcome to attend the event

Registration for Hack4reSTART Bucharest

Registration for Hack4reSTART Porto

Are you a representative of a European tech-savvy SMEs providing exciting technological solutions for the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector?

You are welcome to present your solution at the Hack4reSTART event. Grab the chance to meet potential clients, increase your visibility and expand your network.

Registration for Hack4reSTART Bucharest

Registration for Hack4reSTART porto

Participation is free of charge. The Hack4reSTART are hybrid event and can be attended both onsite or remotely. Please indicate during the registration how do you like to participate.

In preparation for the event, you can also perform a digital maturity assessment online or ask a personal free meeting with a technology expert that will analyze your needs and help you shape a plan to introduce new technologies in your company. 

Book a free meeting now!

Hack4reSTART coming up soon 






Hack4reSTART IN DE Jan 2022


Artificial Intelligence


Hack4reSTART IN IT Feb 2023


Big Data

Industrial ioT


Hack4reSTART IN RO May 2023





Hack4reSTART IN PT May 2023


Advance Manufacturing


Digital Twins

Additive Manufacturing

Registration is open now for the Hack4reSTART in Romania and Portugal

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