Web3, Blockchain – technology without any use case? This question is thrown into the room many times. If you don’t have a short answer in a few minutes of an elevator pitch, then it’s probably a “yes”! And we quickly switch our attention to the AI hype, because something ‘real’ is happening there. Indeed, there is something big going on, but like AI or Blockchain, all web3 technologies develop in waves, with breakthrough and dry spell. Back to the blocks and chains, or more importantly back to the smart minds who build web3 solutions and are strong anchors in the stormy internet ocean for many years. Everybody who is sailing here knows that it takes perseverance and a well-connected team beyond the own company – be it corporate or startup –
because the third stage of the world wide web #web3

  • …is designed, tested, and managed by groups and collectives of companies and experts, not by a few separate giants as it is the case in the current web2 world. Here, it starts a new collaboration instead of the current aggregation approach. It is our chance to rethink the ‘higher, faster, further’ competition that we cultivated in the industrial countries.
  • …isn’t developed over night and doesn’t open the portal for us. It needs transition time and new profiles in the companies that accompany this transformation courageously.
  • …needs a deep understanding of existing problems and then spaces of encounter and spontaneous exchange of diverse perspectives, only in this way can variation emerge, which produces lasting innovation.

There is a need for good meeting spaces where web2 companies can get knowledge, contribute their problems and resources, and build solutions together with web3 talents, enthusiasts as well as critics. We need strong bridges.

Sophia Rödiger