Hack4reSTART Bucharest, held on May 24th, was the vibrant convergence of 100 tech-savvy minds, representing not just 12 European countries but also beyond. Picture a dynamic blend of traditional SMEs, ingenious clusters, and digital enthusiasts, all united in the quest for manufacturing resilience.


This electrifying hybrid event, an integral part of the groundbreaking ReSTART SMEs project, powered up Bucharest. Focused on revolutionizing automotive, machinery & equipment, food, and textile sectors, ReSTART SMEs deciphered the digitalization needs of SMEs, equipping them with tangible tools to embrace cutting-edge technologies.


Collaborating with Wallachia e Hub, the European Digital Innovation Hub igniting Southern Romania and the Capital Region, and backed by the indomitable support of the Enterprise Europe Network, Hack4reSTART hit the ground running. The spotlight shone brightest during the awe-inspiring pitching session, where Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Bulgarian companies unleashed their digital prowess, captivating the manufacturing elite.


But the story doesn’t end there. The pulsating energy of collaboration discovered during the event ignited a virtual matchmaking bonanza, with a dedicated brokerage platform propelling connections well beyond the event’s bounds. This extraordinary opportunity for long-term engagement continues until June 30th, and guess what? You can still join the electrifying roster! Register now and unlock a world of possibilities: https://bit.ly/3LW9uL7


Oh, and speaking of possibilities, don’t miss the chance to evaluate your digital maturity index. ReSTART SMEs invites you to embark on a transformative journey by booking a rendezvous with their tech gurus.
Head over to https://restartsmes.eu/digital-assessment/ and let the digital transformation begin!